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My heinousstuck OC :3 :3 :iconmackmack2424:mackmack2424 0 2
The twins! :0 by mackmack2424 The twins! :0 :iconmackmack2424:mackmack2424 0 0 My terraria character :3  by mackmack2424 My terraria character :3 :iconmackmack2424:mackmack2424 1 0 Johhhhhnnnnn egbeeerrrtt by mackmack2424 Johhhhhnnnnn egbeeerrrtt :iconmackmack2424:mackmack2424 0 0 My OC off homestuck! Not good at drawing on iPad.. by mackmack2424 My OC off homestuck! Not good at drawing on iPad.. :iconmackmack2424:mackmack2424 0 0


9th Doctor X Reader: Chapstick
(y/n) ran back into the TARDIS, her recently bought purchase in her pocket. Seeing that the Doctor wasn’t around, she decided to pull it out and use it. She stealthily snuck the tube of chapstick out of her pocket.
However, this wasn’t any normal tube of chapstick. It was banana flavored. (y/n) had had a crush on the Doctor ever since she started travelling with him. She was drawn to the aura that her leather jacket-wearing Time Lord gave off. When she found out that he loved bananas, she knew she had to do something.
(y/n) spread the chapstick all over her lips, breathing in the intoxicating scent, and slipped the tube back into her pocket-just in time, as the Doctor came out from another room.
“Done with shopping? That was quick,” he commented.
“I didn’t get very much.”
“Where is it then?”
“I already put it in my room,” (y/n) quickly lied.
The Doctor shrugged it off and examined the console. Suddenly, you can hear him
:iconstar-trekker-13:Star-Trekker-13 162 133
Library Check-Out~Eleventh Doctor/Reader
“It’s hard to explain how it feels, being in here,” you said, leaning against a desk, weight on your palms. The TARDIS library, with its levels and levels of shelves, practically engulfed you. You’d been working your way through it with the Doctor, learning the names of different galaxies, literary periods, and famous authors. You’d decided to start with the shelf closest to the doors and were now about three shelves over. “It’s sort of like being with you, actually.”
The Doctor looked up from a purple book with a holographic cover page. He gave you a teasing grin, hair falling into his face. “Not your best comparison, considering you are with me.” His eyebrows rose. “Unless this is one of those times “being with” gets fuzzy. So many possible meanings with you.”
You kicked him gently with the toe of your sneaker. “Oh, I do love it when you talk dirty with me. But that’s not wha
:iconkisstherain272:KisstheRain272 204 24
A Bit Bovvered-DoctorXReader
“Are you sure the Doctor said we’re taking an off day?” You asked. Walking alongside Donna, your flip flops echoed in the TARDIS’s hallway.
“Absolutely. Said it three or four times,” Donna replied confidently, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “He’s in the console room, waving his screwdriver around like he’s air traffic control or something.”
You laughed and tugged on the strap of your bathing suit. “Well, it’s nice getting to relax some. And swimming was a great idea, thanks for asking me.”
Oddly, a tiny smirk tugged at the corner of Donna’s mouth. “Oh, Y/N, it’s no problem at all. And let me just say, I love the bikini.”
“Thanks. It’s strange that the wardrobe didn’t have any other suits my size.”
The smirk grew. “I know, right? Weird.”
You started to turn left, but Donna grabbed your arm. “Ah, nope,” she began, dragging you right. &
:iconkisstherain272:KisstheRain272 313 104
I Ain't Bovvered-Doctor/Reader
“Oh. My. God.” Donna poured every amount of exasperation she could muster into the three words, eyes rolled so high toward the TARDIS’s ceiling she felt like she might need an exorcism to get them back into place. “Are men thick in every galaxy, or is it only the human looking ones? Some sort of genetic thingy that makes them terrible with women?”
The Doctor frowned at her. “Do you know how presumptuous it is when you humans go around calling things ‘humanoid?’ It’s not like your blue-print came first. For argument’s sake, humans could be Time Lord…inoid—wait, did you just call me thick?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I just did.” Donna held up her hands in sarcastic confession. “D’you know why? Because any man who could think would stop being a whiny, excuse-filled tosser and see that a hell of a woman is in love with him!”
“Oh, ew! No, spaceman! N
:iconkisstherain272:KisstheRain272 303 97
Found 10th!Doctor x Timelord!Reader Ch. 1
You were the last of your kind. The Timelords. You heard rumors about this "Doctor" throughout history. This made you feel happiness. A man in a disaprearing in a blue police box. It was perfect and sounded just like a Timelord.
You scoured the internet looking for some type of evidence. You learned of this man, who was an "expert", Elton Pope. You found his videos online, about LINDA and that Absorbathon. You meeting only confirmed his existence. He was alive. The Doctor. There was another Timelord. 
You were leaping for joy in your TARDIS. You hair was tousled and a big goofy grin was on your face. You were screaming, "perfect" and "he's alive". 
You had stopped jumping and a quizzical look appeared in your face. You were were wearing a (F/C) button up dress shirt and a black skirt along with converse. A leather jacket when you get cold. You admit it was a weird combination but it worked. Your (H/C) locks layed down and tousled because you 
"How am I going to find him?
:iconshleymeister:ShleyMeister 176 29
Found 10th!Doctor x Timelord!Reader Chp. 2
From the recent comments I have chosen Donna as the companion. I'll have more questions for you later. Also thank you for your input. It was hard to choose, yes but your input and comments really helped so thank you for that. Now onto the story. 
The TARDIS was flinging you around through time and space. Normally it wasn't so bumpy, it started to make bad, screeching noises. Sparks flew everywhere, you grabbed on the console, your feet were lifted in the air as the TARDIS turned. You held on in a tight grip, "What's happening? This isn't indigestion, is it?" The TARDIS swung around in circles. Your grip loosened on the console and your back hit the wall as you fell. 
The TARDIS had started to power down, the lights and consoles darkened. You got up groggy, you let out a groan of pain. Your hand gripped your head in discomfort. "What time period did good ol' tardy bring me?" You look over to your TARDIS. Then it hits you, your TARDIS malfunctioned, YOUR TAR
:iconshleymeister:ShleyMeister 113 31
entangle by daveactualstrider entangle :icondaveactualstrider:daveactualstrider 223 32 Creators meeting their creations by Ozumii Creators meeting their creations :iconozumii:Ozumii 713 56
A Discovery, Masky x FTM Reader x Hoodie part 2
    You opened your eyes, the bright morning light illuminating your room through the opened blinds. You sat up groggily and lazily trudged downstairs in your (f/c) boxers and a large tshirt You fixed a cup of (coffee/tea/etc) and sat down on the couch, mindlessly flipping through the channels. Just a normal summer morning, sleeping in, relaxing, your mind drifted off to last night. You sat there for a moment then your eyes fluttering open and going wide. Last night. Oh shit. That happened. You jumped up quickly and proceeded to look out the back window, scanning the outline of the woods tensed up. Not seeing anything you relaxed.
    "I cant believe that actually happened!" You thought out loud and let out a loud half yell half sigh while both hands clutched your hair tightly. "I'm so fucking lucky Mom and Dad are gone!!!!" After the childish thoughts and actions passed from your mind your eyes widened once again. What were you going to do? There was 2 psycho
:iconhorrificcreation:horrificcreation 42 13
[CP OC] Artist ref sheet (UPDATED) by Xx-MayhemOnMisery-xX [CP OC] Artist ref sheet (UPDATED) :iconxx-mayhemonmisery-xx:Xx-MayhemOnMisery-xX 284 55
Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 10
You opened your eyes, struggling to breathe. You looked and saw that Atrementous was choking you.
"__________!!!" You looked to your right and saw Masky, BEN, Slenderman, and... Jeff.
"Help.... Me." Your voice came out raspy. You were running out of air.
 Suddenly that feeling came over you again.
Like a burning sensation.
Without thinking you kicked Atramentous in a very sensitive spot, making him release you. You fell to the floor as the king fell to his knees, cursing, his blade fell and slid towards you. 
"You'll... pay for that.. you discusting little brat." He hissed. standing up and lunging at you.
You lost control of yourself once again as you dodged him easily.
 Sending you both into a violent fistfight. 
~Jeff's POV~
I watched in complete shock as ________ suddenly opened her eyes and kicked Atramentous in the nuts.
"What the..." Slenderman thought aloud.
"Never thought she had it in her." Masky muttered.
"How is she doing that?" BEN said, awestruck
:iconmidnightrainbowfire:MidnightRainbowFire 517 238


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